Dou Fo Sin (2007): Ma Jun's Mother Leaves


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The clip Ma Jun's mother leaves from Dou fo sin (2007)

You're playing it wrong again!
Wrong over and over!
Where was I wrong?
After the 6th note, the E flat!
I didn't hear anything wrong, except for you shouting!
You guys need to take this seriously!
You think we're just fucking around? Then leave!
Not everyone does things your way, Inspector Jun!
You must have been wrong.
If an officer makes a mistake,
they will ruin someone else�s life, as well as their own.
Take it seriously, and improve your work.
What are you doing here, mom?
I knew you were here, and wanted to let you know..
I'm going back to the country.
Wait until I'm done, I'll take you myself.
I've already waited.
Waited until Auntie Chang died.
I'm going back to pay my respects.
If I like it there, I'm staying there.
Come on, mom.
I'm lonely here by myself.
You work all day, and have no time for me.
Son, don't abandon your life for your job.
What should be important to you is your life.
Without your life, how can you be someone?
Take care. I'm leaving now.

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