Uncle Buck (1989): Buck Calls Chanice


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The clip Buck calls Chanice from Uncle Buck (1989)

Yeah? Kobolowski Tires.
Hi. It's me.
Can't you ever take a hint?
It's not about me. I got a problem at the house.
Ineedsomebody to watch the kids.
No, I'll tell you what you need.
Your horse fiixer's in town and you need to get to the track.
I ran into Rog. He told me all about it.
The idiot hadthe nerve to ask me fora Ioan.
What, you can't take children when you're going to cheat on a horse race?
You got some religion out there in the 'burbs?
I came close. I had them in the car.
Can we put our personal problems aside?
Tia took off on me. I was supposed to pick her up after school.
She wasn 't there.
She ran away?
I guess. I don't know.
She's 15. She's angry.
She's confused. AndIneedto findher.
Can you help me?
I'm reaIIystuck.
All right. I will help you because there's kids involved.
But as far as you and I are concerned it is over.
However it has to be.
I'll be there.
For what it's worth, I'm sorry.

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