Uncle Buck (1989): Deciding Babysitter Part 2


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The clip deciding babysitter Part 2 from Uncle Buck (1989) with Jean Louisa Kelly, Macaulay Culkin

Daddy and I are.
And we're not?
No, that's not a good idea.
I loved my father very much.
So why did you move away from him?
If my family moved away from me, I'd have a heart attack too.
I see.
Who will take care of us?
Mr. and Mrs. Neville.
Is that a joke?
You don't like the Nevilles?
The dog's a ball sniffer.
Don't talk like that.
Mr. Neville yelled at Michael because their dog was sniffing Michael's balls.
Don't use that word.
I don't know another word.
We can talk to Mr. Neville about the dog.
Sorry, honey. They're in Florida.
You get in bed.
You have to get up for school.
Who's in Florida?
Get back in bed.
What's the other word for balls?
Get in bed.
What do we do?
I don't think we have much choice.
Can we trust him?

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