Uncle Buck (1989): Drunk Buck


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The clip drunk Buck from Uncle Buck (1989)

Last call.
There you go.
A little foryou, a little for me.
People used to say to me, Buck, you are one lucky son ofa bitch.
You got it made, Buck.
And I did.
They'd say, Man, look at you.
You don't have any kids, any wife.
You don't have a desk, an offiice.
You don't have a boss to worry about.
They were right. I had it made.
Only thing now is, Perce nobody says that anymore.
Oh, boy.
But it'll all be better tomorrow.
It always is.
Because tomorrow, we go to the track win some dough, some serious dough.
Make a lot of money tomorrow, kiddo.
Want a little pretzel with your beer?

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