Uncle Buck (1989): Clown


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The clip clown from Uncle Buck (1989) with John Candy, Mike Starr

Announcement here. There's going to be a delay on the clown.
What clown?
Miles' mom hired a clown.
You don't like clowns?
Yeah, about fiive years ago. Now they're so boring they make me puke.
The vest, the flower. Screw them. That's all they get.
I'm Pooter the Clown. Put it there.
Kids will love that.
I didn't orderyou. My sister-in-law did.
She's not here. I'm the uncle.
Buck Russell's the name.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I was at this all-night bachelorette party.
Need any dildojokes?
I'm the guy!
Did you have a few drinks this morning?
I thinkyou did, didn't you?
Are you Mother Cabrini? You never touch the stuff?
No, but I wouldn't be drinking if I was gonna entertain some kids.
I don't have to take any shit from you. You know who I am?
In the fiield of local, live home entertainment, I'm a god!
Get in your mouse and get out of here.
Let me tell you something, you lowlife lying, four-flushing sack ofshit.

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