Uncle Buck (1989): Buck and Chanice Dinner


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The clip Buck and Chanice dinner from Uncle Buck (1989)

This is really a good idea.
How's the pie?
Not bad.
Will you be at work in the morning?
I can't avoid it.
You don't seem happy about it.
Ifyou've got to know, I'm not excited about working for my girlfriend.
There, I said it.
Buck, I love you.
I can't help myself. I want to get married and have a family with you.
The clock is ticking away.
I would like to hear the pitter-patter oftiny feet before I die.
I'll get you a mouse and a piece ofsheet metal.
Lighten up, will you?
Don't push my buttons.
I'm not pushing your buttons. I know me.
I know what I like.
I like my friends, my freedom.
I like knowing I can go golfing anytime I want.
I don't hurt anybody. I don't see what the problem is.
That is the best formula for loneliness I ever heard.
Why are we arguing?
We're talking.
I said I'd be at work in the morning. I'll be there.
I've got to get this out.
I know I'm harping, but let me say it.
I'm working on history, on the past.
You're gonna show up? Swear to God? In the a.m.? Promise?
Chanice, I'll be honest with you.
If I could think ofan excuse that you would buy, I'd use it.

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