Sea of Love (1989): Frank's Indetity Exposed


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The clip Frank's Indetity Exposed from Sea of Love (1989) with Al Pacino

I was in here... what... six months ago...
and, uh...
you had this beautiful boot.
It was Rivoli, Ravioli... something like that.
Rivoli. We're out. Try back in two weeks.
Look, can I help you or what, huh?
What's your problem?
Tommy, let's blow. The guy's a cop.
Hey, hey...
Let's blow.
If I beat the shit out of you...
I get nailed for assaulting an officer, right?
You piece of shit.
Okay, what?
You're a cop?
So? What?
Pretty bad, huh?
It's just too much for you.
You let that scum in...
but my being a cop is just too much.
Let me tell you something about this.
All these people in here with their rocks and furs...
they get robbed or raped, I'm all of a sudden their daddy.
Come the wet-ass hour...
I'm everybody's daddy!
Hey, what do you think you're doing?

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