Sea of Love (1989): Frank Drinks with Helen


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The clip Frank Drinks with Helen from Sea of Love (1989)

I was 37. I wasn't married.
So I got married.
I can top that.
You know why I got married?
Some guy says, "I love you". I knew him a week.
Playing hard to get?
Yeah, right.
We didn't last very long.
Me, neither.
The wedding lasted longer than the marriage.
But we still...
We're still friends.
Sort of. You?
Friends? No.
I found out I was pregnant, I walked.
You walked?
What do you mean?
The guy didn't know about the kid?
No. He's out of the picture.
You know, sometimes when I think about...
the people I got involved with, the choices I made...
it's pretty amazing.
But I found something out.
There are very few mistakes that can't be corrected...
if you got the guts.
If you got the guts.
Last call.
What are they, bombing us?
Oh, hell.
You know, when it gets late...
I feel like a... big cat...
in a small cage.
Oh, yeah?
You know...
I have done some desperate, foolish things...
come 3:00 in the morning.
You mean like being here with me?

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