Sea of Love (1989): Frank Meets Helen


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The clip Frank Meets Helen from Sea of Love (1989)

I said that.
You got kids?
Kid... one kid.
A boy?
No. A girl.
You got a girl, right?
You know, it's interesting...
your coming from York, Pennsylvania...
because in a way...
you went from York to New York.
You like the park, and I like the beach.
You're a printer, I manage a shoe store.
And I don't believe in wasting time on this stuff.
You know what you know and you go with it.
You go with what?
You're just not my type.
Oh, well. I mean, you just sat down.
Give it a little bit of time.
I believe in animal attraction.
I believe in love at first sight. I believe in this.
I don't feel it with you.
I'm hell on wheels once you know me.
How are you folks doing here? Is that wine okay, miss?
You haven't even touched your glass.
Have a little sip.
You know, warm up.
Let's raise a glass here.
Come on, here.
Let's have a happy hunting toast.
It's nothing personal.
Oh, come on. Where are you going?
Come on. Kiss my tiara, bitch.
Look at that.
I didn't get prints.
I didn't get prints.
How many more of these we got?

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