Sea of Love (1989): Questioning the Building Staff


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The clip Questioning the Building Staff from Sea of Love (1989) with Michael Rooker

How you doing, Chief?
Hey, working hard or hardly working?
Little of both. How you doing?
You think of anybody else?
Maybe the mailman in the afternoon.
I don't remember.
There's a cable TV repairman.
What's that, Cabletime?
But he was down in the basement.
Pretty much what I told you yesterday.
What about ladies?
See any young ladies?
See any of them?
You told me there was a sex parade.
If I'm looking to see somebody in particular, I'll see them.
But if I'm hailing a cab or in the package room...
Okay. We'll talk again.
So the emcee says to the first husband...
"Where did your wife say...
was the most exotic place you ever made love?"
So this guy's thinking, right?
He's got a brain like a frigging pea...
but he's thinking.
Finally he says, "In the butt".
You get it?
Hey, anybody do any work...
over at 365 West End Avenue Monday?
I did.
See anybody there not looking right?
You know... freaked out, scared?
Running like lost?
I saw some ladies in the laundry room.
Why? What happened?
There was a shooting.
If you remember, want to give me a call?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.

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