Sea of Love (1989): Questioning Raymond Brown


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The clip Questioning Raymond Brown from Sea of Love (1989)

This is Detective Sherman Touhey.
Does Raymond Brown live here?
They're cops.
What's up, fellas?
What's the matter?
Daddy, are you okay?
I want to tell you something.
I love my family.
Raymond, no kidding, we don't give a shit.
We need names of your dates...
and their letters.
No letters.
Raymond, there's some psycho woman killing guys.
I swear I didn't go out with them.
I threw the letters away.
Raymond, you take the time...
to make up this beautiful poem...
about loneliness and silence.
You spring $300...
to put the ad in the magazine.
You spring another, say, 5 yards a month...
for some love nest in the village...
50 bucks for the post office box.
You're telling us...
you never went out with them?
Raymond, please.
The worst part of being a cop...
is all you hear from people are lies.
"I didn't do it. I wasn't there.
It's somebody else."
Blah this. Blah that.
I swear on the eyes of my children.
30 sit-downs, 30 sets of prints...

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