Public Enemies (2009): Planning More Crimes


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The clip planning more crimes from Public Enemies (2009) with Johnny Depp

The broad over there is looking at me.
She likes me.
How you doing, sweetheart?
Alvin. Good to see you.
How you doing?
Homer. Pete.
Me, Freddy and Doc are looking to snatch a fellow.
He's a Saint Paul banker, Ed Bremer. We need a few more hands.
I don't like kidnapping.
Well, robbing banks is getting tougher.
The public don't like kidnapping.
Who gives a damn what the public likes?
I do. I hide out among them.
We gotta care what they think.
We also got a mail train we're looking at, too.
By the way, if somebody was to get pinched, who knows their way around?
Syndicate lawyer named Piquett, Louis Piquett. We all use him.
What's it all about, this train?
Needs two or three more real right guys to stick it up.
Be ready in a couple of months.
About $1,700,000. It's a Federal Reserve shipment.
It's the kind of score you go away on after.
Where you gonna go?
I don't know. Brazil, Cuba. I like Varadero Beach.
What about you?
No plans.
Yeah, well, you ought to.
What we're doing won't last forever.
We're having too good a time today.
We ain't thinking about tomorrow.
Keep me in mind on the train, would you? All right. Thanks.
You know how much they made taking that Hamm Brewery guy?
$100,000. Simmer down, Homer.
Come on, fellas. Let's go to the bar.

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