Public Enemies (2009): Bank Robbery


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The clip Bank Robbery from Public Enemies (2009)

How are you?
On the floor! Now! Now! Do it! Do it! On the floor, now! Now!
Let's play a game, Mr. President. It's called Spin the Dial.
You, hands up! Come on. And, you, sit down!
On the floor!
Relax, pops.
Open it up.
Empty it! Move, move! Shut up!
It's one of these.
You can be a dead hero or a live coward.
Get it open. All of it!
You, hands up. Come on!
Empty it! All of it!
Hey, sit down!
Push it to me!
And don't move!
We got company!
Move out of there!
You can put it away. Not here for your money. Here for the bank's money.
I said, move it out of there!
What for?
Come here, sister. Let's take a ride.

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