Scarface (1932): Tony Kills Guino


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The clip Tony kills Guino from Scarface (1932)

He was going downgrade
Making 90 miles an hour
When his whistle broke into a scream
And they found him in the wreck
With his hands on the throttle
Scalded to death by the steam
It's a mighty rough road
From Lynchburg to Danville
And the track's on the three-mile grade
It was on this road
That he lost his average
You can see what a jump he made
Hello, baby.
I'm so happy.
You're telling me?
You do love me, don't you, Guino?
You know I do.
Never stop telling me, will you?
I'm not like all the others, am I?
You're up there all by yourself, sweetheart.
We'll always be happy, won't we?
Hello, Tony.
Tony, I...
Tony, don't! Tony!
Guino! Guino!
Guino! Guino, speak to me! Speak to me!
Guino, say something! Guino!

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