Scarface (1932): Promotion


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The clip Promotion from Scarface (1932)

There you are, Tony. That's a bonus.
Hey, that's a nice feel.
That was a fine job, Tony. Remember, that's only chicken feed.
You've stepped into big company.
You stick to me and do what I say,
play square and you'll be walking around with lace pants and a gold hat.
You know what I mean? Sure, I know.
Now, listen, I'm gonna cut you in on a percentage.
Give you a raise, double.
The South Side is rolling in jack. All we gotta do is step in and take it.
Yeah, and have some fun with O'Hara, too, huh?
Who? Now wait a minute. O'Hara's too big a guy to buck now.
There's lots of jack on the North Side.
Now, listen, you. You let me think up the ideas.
I'll take care of that big hop in my own way when the time comes.
I say we stay out of the North Side.
I say we leave O'Hara alone and what I say goes!
Don't ever forget that.
You're the boss. That's better.
From now on, next to me, the boys take orders from you.
Yeah, me and you, eh? That's fine talk, Boss.
Here. Have a cigar.
There'll be plenty of work for everybody. Costillo slowed down too much.
Yeah, and now he come to a dead stop.
Here, you better smoke one of mine.
That's pretty nice. Expensive, huh?
I don't like cigar smoke in my room. Do you mind?
Listen, I'm gonna hold off that meeting with the boys a couple of days.
After Big Louis' funeral, it's better. You know what I mean?
Oh, yeah. Sure, sure. It don't look so good.
And I want you to send some flowers.
A cross of white carnations from me, see?
Yeah, and I send lots of purple, a bunch.
Big Louis he always liked purple.
Why don't you go and do it now?

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