Scarface (1932): Johnny Takes over


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The clip Johnny takes over from Scarface (1932)

Where's Berdini, Zeigler, Meehan?
Anybody see them?
I did. They ain't coming.
Is that all they said?
They said you could take a flying...
Okay, okay.
Now we know where they stand.
All right, you guys, I'm making a speech. Here it is.
Big Louis gets a wad of dough and then he gets soft.
He lets you guys come into the South Side and run beer.
Well, I'm gonna change it, see?
You can still stay in but from now on you're operating the way I say.
Are you asking us or telling us?
I'm telling you.
We're gonna get organized and I'm gonna handle the works.
It's gonna mean twice as much dough for everybody and half as much trouble.
You got something figured out, Johnny? Everything.
Not being able to get it's gonna make this town thirstier than ever.
Running beer ain't a nickel game anymore.
It's a business, and I'm gonna run it like a business.
Swell! We've been cutting each other's throats long enough.
There's 3,000 saloons on the South Side.
Half a million customers, figure that out.
Add up what they're gonna lay on the line every year for drinks and nobody in charge.
So you're going to be it?
Yeah, "it. " That's me!
I make my own beer and I got my own trucks.
I don't have to go into business with nobody.
Where you going? Who wants to know?
You sit down here! And don't interrupt the president no more.
All right, President.

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