Scarface (1932): Tony's Mother Complains


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The clip Tony's mother complains from Scarface (1932)

What for you wanna give her money, huh?
Well, she's just a kid. She wants to have fun.
Yeah? Sometimes I think you crazy.
What for you take that money, huh?
'Cause I want it, that's why. Give it back!
It's bad money!
Tony no got it in no good way. Gonna bring you lots of trouble.
What do I care where he gets it?
There's nothing wrong with his giving it to me.
Tony wants me to have a good time.
Oh, yes? You listen.
Tony no love you like he make you believe.
All of the time he smile on top, but what he thinks...
Oh, he's got lots of tricks! He no give money to nobody for nothing.
He would to his sister!
Sister! Huh!
That make no difference. To him, you're just another girl.
Someday, when he needs you, he mix you up in his business
just like anyone else.
And he's gonna make you bad like him!
He can't make me do anything I don't want to.
I'm gonna live my own life.
I can take care of myself. Yeah?
All of the time Tony say like that.
Afterwards, he no belong to me no more.
He's no good! And now you start to be just like him!
No, I'm not. Don't worry about me.
I'll get along all right.

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