Scarface (1932): Tony Disciplines Cesca


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The clip Tony disciplines Cesca from Scarface (1932) with Ann Dvorak

Where's Cesca? Oh, I don't know. She go out.
What do you mean? Ain't she coming home for dinner?
Hey, I don't like that!
You tell her I want she should come home for dinner. Understand?
Sure. I tell her lots of times.
"Come home. Come home. Tony no like. "
Still she don't...
That's a nice way I catch you, huh?
What do you mean, "catch me"? I wasn't doing nothing.
You was kissing him! Sure. What of it?
Well, I don't like it! You're missing lots of fun, Tony.
Listen. I don't want anybody kissing my sister, understand?
You're hurting my arm!
I don't want anybody putting their hands on you.
What do you think you're doing? I'm your brother.
You don't act it! You act more like...
I don't know, sometimes I think...
I don't care what you think!
You do what I say! Sure, and never have any fun.
"Never have any fun. " You call that fun, eh?
Running around with guys like that. That's fun!
Listen, you want real fun, huh?
How's that?
Gee, Tony, where'd you get it?
Never mind where I got it. You just spend it, see?
You're swell.
Go on, get ready for dinner. And remember, you do what I say.
No more fellows, understand?

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