Scarface (1932): Tony is Killed


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The clip Tony is killed from Scarface (1932) with C. Henry Gordon

Break it down!
Stop! Don't shoot! Don't shoot, Guarino!
Lookit, I'm all alone. I got no gun, see?
Give me a break, will you, Guarino?
Break? Who'd you ever give a break to?
Look at me. I got nobody. I'm all alone!
Little Boy's gone. Angelo is gone.
And my steel shutters, they don't work.
Shut up, Camonte!
Give me a break, will you?
Don't shoot! You got me covered.
I can't do nothing! I can't do nothing!
Give me a break will you?
Listen, don't shoot me! Don't shoot me.
I told you, you'd show up this way.
Get you in a jam without a gun and you squeal like a yellow rat.
Come on! Climb into this.

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