Scarface (1932): Cesca's Death Part 3


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The clip Cesca's death Part 3 from Scarface (1932)

Let me lie down, Tony.
I'm all hollow inside.
Cesca. Cesca, what is it? Where?
It doesn't hurt, really.
Just put your arms around me, Tony, just for a minute.
Cesca. I won't be able to help you now.
Oh, you can't go away. I won't let you, you understand? I won't let you!
So dizzy.
Hold me, Tony. Don't let me get scared.
Listen, you don't understand. I'll be here all alone!
You can't leave me here all alone!
Why, Tony, you're afraid! Don't be afraid, Tony.
You're all I got left! Little Boy, he's gone! Angelo, he's gone!
I'm no good without you, Cesca. I'm no good by myself!
They're out there! They wanna get me! They're all there!
Cesca, they won't give me a chance, please!
Cesca! Guino wasn't afraid!
Cesca, don't go. Please, Cesca!
I won't let you go! You hear, I won't let you!
You understand? You gotta stay here, you hear me?
I don't wanna stay! You're afraid.
Guino. Guino.
Cesca, please. Come back, you hear? Come back, I say!

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