Rear Window (1954): Sharing-suspicions


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You didn't see the killing or the body. How do you know there was a murder?
Because everything this fellow's done has been suspicious:
Trips at night in the rain, knives and saws and trunks with rope,
And now this wife that isn't there any more.
I admit it all has a mysterious sound.
It could be any number of things. Murder's the least possible.
Doyle, don't tell me he's an unemployed magician,
Amusing the neighbourhood with his sleight of hand.
Don't tell me that.
It's too obvious and stupid a way to commit murder.
In full view of 50 windows?
Then sit there smoking a cigar, waiting for the police to pick him up.
Alright, officer, do your duty. Go over and pick him up.
Jeff, you've got a lot to learn about homicide.
Why, morons have committed murder so shrewdly,
It's taken a hundred trained police minds to catch them.
That salesman wouldn't just knock his wife off after dinner
And toss her in the trunk and put her in storage.
I'll bet it's been done.
Most everything's been done... Under panic.
This is a thousand-to-one shot.
He's still sitting around the apartment. That man's not panicked.
You think I made all this up?
Well, I think you saw something
There's probably a very simple explanation for.
For instance?
Wife took a trip.
His wife was sick in bed.
yeah, so you told me.
Well, Jeff, I've got to run along.
I won't report this to the department. Let me poke into it a little on my own.
No sense in your getting a lot of ridiculous publicity.
Thank you.
We know the wife is gone, so I'll see if I can find out where.
Do that.
You had any headaches lately?
Not till you showed up.
It will wear off, along with the hallucinations.
See you around.

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