Rear Window (1954): Dog is Killed


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The clip dog is killed from Rear Window (1954) with Grace Kelly, James Stewart

What do you think?
Well, uh...
I will rephrase the question.
Thank you.
Do you like it?
Yes, I like it.
Well -
What's the matter?
Somebody's hurt?
It?s the dog.
Something's happened to the dog.
Somebody fall out a window?
I think it's a dog.
It's dead. It's been strangled. Its neck is broken.
Which one of you did it?
Which one of you killed my dog?
You don't know the meaning of the word "neighbours'.
Neighbours like each other,
Speak to each other, care if anybody lives or dies!
But none of you do!
But I couldn't imagine any of you being so low
That you'd kill a helpless, friendly dog.
The only thing in this whole neighbourhood who liked anybody!
Did you kill him because he liked you? Just because he liked you?
Let's go inside.
Come on. Let's go back in.
It's only a dog.

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