Rear Window (1954): Lisa-becomes-suspicious

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Published 15 Sep 2012
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The clip lisa-becomes-suspicious from Rear Window (1954) with Grace Kelly, James Stewart. Powered by: Anycl...
The clip lisa-becomes-suspicious from Rear Window (1954) with Grace Kelly, James Stewart. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.

All day long, I've been trying to keep my mind on my work.
Thinking about Thorwald?
And you, and your friend, Doyle.
Did you hear from him since he left?
Not a word.
He said he was gonna check the railroad station and the trunk.
He must be still at it.
Something on your mind?
It doesn't make sense to me.
What doesn't?
Women aren't that unpredictable.
Hmm. Well, I can't guess what you're thinking.
A woman has a favourite handbag,
And it always hangs on her bedpost where she can get at it easily.
Then, all of a sudden, she goes away on a trip and leaves it behind. Why?
Because she didn't know she was going on a trip,
And where she's going, she wouldn't need the handbag.
Yes, but only her husband would know that.
And that jewellery
Women don't keep their jewellery in a purse
Getting all twisted and scratched and tangled up.
Well, do they hide it in their husband's clothes?
They do not. And they don't leave it behind either.
Why, a woman going anywhere but the hospital
Would always take make-up, perfume and jewellery.
Put that over there. That's inside stuff, huh?
It's basic equipment.
And you don't leave it behind in your husband's drawer
In your favourite handbag.
Well, I'm with you, sweetie. I'm with you.
Tom Doyle has a pat answer for that though.
That Mrs. Thorwald left at 6:00am yesterday with her husband?
According to those witnesses.
Well, I have a pat rebuttal for Mr. Doyle.
Couldn't have been Mrs. Thorwald, or I don't know women.
What about the witnesses?
We'll agree they saw a woman,
But she was not Mrs. Thorwald.
That is, not yet.
Is that so?
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