Rear Window (1954): Doyle Finds Nothing Part 3


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The clip Doyle finds nothing Part 3 from Rear Window (1954) with Wendell Corey, Grace Kelly

Forget all about this.
We can tell lies about the good old days during the war.
You mean you're through with the case?
There is no case to be through with, Miss Fremont.
How about that drink?
yeah, I guess you're right.
Well, I think I better get home and get some sleep.
I, uh... I'm not much of a snifter.
Oh, Jeff, if you need any more help...
Consult the Yellow Pages in your telephone directory.
Oh, I love funny exiting lines.
Who was that trunk addressed to?
Mrs. Anna Thorwald.
Then let's wait and find out who picks it up.
Oh, that phone call, I gave them your number.
I hope you don't mind.
Depends on who they were.
The police at Merritsville.
They reported the trunk was just picked up...
By Mrs. Anna Thorwald.
Don't stay up too late.

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