Rear Window (1954): Lisa-leaves-jeff


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If you want to get vicious on this thing, I'd be happy to accommodate you.
No, I don't particularly want that.
So that's it?
You won't stay here, and I can't go with you.
It would be the wrong thing.
You don't think either one of us could ever change?
Right now it doesn't seem so.
I-I'm in love with you.
I don't care what you do for a living.
I'd like to be part of it somehow.
It's deflating to find out the only way I can be part of it,
Is to take out a subscription to your magazine.
I guess I'm not the girl I thought I was.
There's nothing wrong with you, Lisa.
You've got this town in the palm of your hand.
Not quite, it seems.
Goodbye, Jeff.
You mean good night.
I mean what I said.
Well, Lisa...
Couldn't we just...
Couldn't we just... Keep things status quo?
Without any future?
Well, when am I gonna see you again?
Not for a long time.
At least... Not until tomorrow night.

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