Rear Window (1954): After-dinner-arguement


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There can't be that much difference between people and the way they live.
We all eat, talk, drink, laugh, wear clothes.
Well, now look -
If you're saying all this because you don't want to tell me the truth,
Because you're hiding something from me, then maybe I can understand.
I'm not hiding anything. It's just that -
It doesn't make sense.
What's so different about it here from there or anyplace you go
That one person couldn't live in both places just as easily?
Some people can. Now, if you'll just let me -
What is it but travelling from one place to another taking pictures?
It's like being a tourist on an endless vacation.
OK. That's your opinion. You're entitled to it.
Now, let me give you my side.
It's ridiculous to say
That it can only be done by a special, private little group of anointed people.
I made a simple statement, a true statement,
But I can back it up if you'll just shut up for a minute.
If your opinion is as rude as your manner, I don't think I care to hear it.
Oh, come on now. Simmer down.
I can't fit in here. You can't fit in there.
According to you, people should be born, live and die
On the same spot!
Shut up!

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