Rear Window (1954): Thorwald's Flower Bed Part 2


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The clip Thorwald's flower bed Part 2 from Rear Window (1954) with Thelma Ritter, Grace Kelly

And then he wouldn't need a knife and saw.
No, my idea is she's scattered all over town.
Leg in the East River
Oh, Stella, please!
No, no, no. There's something in there.
Those flowers have been taken out and put back in.
Maybe it's the knife and saw.
yeah -
Call Lieutenant Doyle.
No, let's wait.
Let's wait till it gets a little darker, and I'll go over there and dig them up.
You'll go? You won't dig anything up and get your neck broken.
No, no, we've...
We're not gonna call Doyle until I can produce Mrs. Thorwald's body.
What we've got to do is find a way to get into that apartment.
He's packing.

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