Rear Window (1954): Thorwald's Flower Bed


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You think this is worth waiting all day to see?
Is he cleaning house?
He's washing down the bathroom walls.
Hm, must have splattered a lot.
Well, why not? That's what we're all thinking.
He killed her in there, he has to clean up those stains.
Oh, Stella, your choice of words.
Nobody ever invented a polite word for a killing yet.
Lisa, back there on that shelf, there's a little yellow box, you see it?
Top one?
Right on top, yeah.
And bring me the viewer there.
I just got a... These are about two weeks old.
I hope I took something else besides leg art. Now which one...
What are you looking for?
There's something, and if I'm right, I think I've solved a murder.
Mrs. Thorwald?
No, the dog.
Uh-huh. I think I know why Thorwald killed that dog.
Here, now you take a look. Tell me what you see.
Now take it down.
Now look again.
Now take it down. You see?
It's just a picture of the backyard -
But with one important change. One important change.
Those flowers in Thorwald's pet flower bed.
You mean where the dog was sniffing around?
Where the dog was digging. Now look at those flowers.
Look, those two yellow zinnias on this end
Aren't as tall as they were.
Since when do flowers grow shorter in two weeks?
There's something buried there.
Mrs. Thorwald.

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