Rear Window (1954): Calling Thorwald


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The clip Calling Thorwald from Rear Window (1954) with Grace Kelly, James Stewart

What for?
Maybe I can get him out of that apartment.
We only need a few minutes.
I'll see if I can get about 15 minutes.
Thorwald... Thorwald.
Chelsea 2-7099.
We scared him once, maybe we can scare him again.
I guess I'm using that word 'we" a little freely.
You're taking all the chances.
Shall we vote him in, Stella?
2-7099. Look out.
Go on, pick it up, Thorwald.
Go on, you're curious.
You wonder if it's your girlfriend calling, the one you killed for.
Go on, pick it up.
Did you get my note?
Well, did you get it, Thorwald?
"Who are you?"
I?ll give you a chance to find out.
Meet me in the bar at the Albert Hotel.
Do it right away.
"Why should l?"
A little business meeting...
To settle the estate of your late wife.
"l... Don't know what you mean."
Come on. Quit stalling, Thorwald,
Or I?ll hang up and call the police.
"l only have $100."
That's a start.
I?m at the Albert now. I'll be looking for you.

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