Afterwards (2008): Nathan and Claire


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The clip nathan and claire from Afterwards (2008)

It's me.
I want you to come and see me.
I want you to come right away... both of you.
What's going on?
It's nothing.
You must come... both of you.
Nathan, what's the matter?
You can tell me.
Yeah, sure.
I'll be okay.
I just wanted to see you.
I'm sorry, I'll call you later.
You gonna be okay?
Are you sure?
Yeah, sure.
I'm sorry.
Paul was dead and...
I just screamed at her...
as if she was to blame.
You never talked to her about it afterwards?
She was right to leave.
They're both happy. That's good.
She always had a mind of her own.
Yes. Always.
And I love it.
I remember a little girl
when I was an intern.
She came to the hospital everyday
to visit her best friend.
She'd very nearly drowned in a lake.
And her friend had run off to get help
and there was an accident.
They'd only just met on vacation.
They didn't even speak the same language.
Yet they were inseparable.
There was such a bond between them.
A strong bond.

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