Afterwards (2008): Nathan and Dr. Kay


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The clip nathan and dr. kay from Afterwards (2008)

Oh, yeah?
She left you messages at home and...
Yeah, I know. I forgot.
She wanted to talk about the vacation.
She wanted to know, was it, "Like the usual?"
This was my daughter who called or my wife?
Your daughter.
Okay, I'll call her back.
All that glucose...
Worries me.
I can examine you if you want.
I'm a doctor.
All right...
what can I do for you, Dr. Kay?
You work at St. Louis, right?
I don't know if I'm the right...
Nathan, I believe you have misunderstood me.
I'm very serious.
You mustn't take hypoglycemia lightly.
In fact, you shouldn't take any symptom lightly... ever.
You can't imagine the number of cells you burn up every day.
Of course, you'll tell me you're also manufacturing...
I don't want to interrupt...
But it's not so.
Neurons can't be replaced. Some die every day.
Every day a few more.
All that glucose you're pumping in is just cheap energy.
Very bad for you, very bad for the neurons.
Thank you for your concern about my health, but I'm fine.
Now why don't you tell me what you want from me?
That slight shaking in your hands,
have you had that a long time?
It's a morning thing, right?
When you wake up?
You work too much.
Excuse me.
Oui, mon ange.
Yes, sweetheart, I know.
Yeah, yeah.
Daddy will call you back, but now I'm...
wait, hang on.
Would you excuse me a second?
Honey, I can't talk to you now.

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