Afterwards (2008): the Plane Crash Part 2


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The clip the plane crash Part 2 from Afterwards (2008)

In Kinshasa too.
A judge will show up with his calculator and say what?
"All right, let's imagine some two-year-old kid
"who has lost his mother.
"We'll say she'd have devoted
how much of her time to him, per day?"
Three hours, tops.
That's a good mother.
Up until the age of 18,
which gives us three hours a day, times 365 days,
times $8 an hour,
plus the usual interest...
that totals a little less
than $100,000 at best.
And the plane wasn't even full.
How far will that get you?
You can't even take your mistress on a weekend trip.
All right, fine. But tomorrow morning,
these people are going to be in my office.
What do you want me to tell them?
Send them to me.
I'll explain everything. They'll understand, don't worry.
Anything else?
Your appointment is here.
Who is this guy? Remind me.
Joseph Kay.
Heads up a department at St. Louis.
I'm not sure what he wants.
Heads up a department?
Something like that.
"Something like that. "
"I'm not sure what he wants. "
What's that supposed to mean?
Why send him to me?
You were recommended.
By who?
Who upstairs?
I see.
Your daughter called.

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