Scooby-Doo (2002): Mary Jane's Entrance


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The clip Mary Jane's entrance from Scooby-Doo (2002) with Isla Fisher, Matthew Lillard

Come on, buddy.
Now, that is a beautiful work of art, Scoob.
Would you mind me taking a seat there next to...
To my Grandma? That's my grandma. Hi, Grandma. Like, no.
Let me just...
You're welcome.
Bless you.
I'm sorry. My allergies are... Well, it's usually only dogs that do it.
Maybe I'd better move.
No. Wait.
It's probably just my grandma's perfume.
Yeah, even I sometimes get a little allergic, you know. Jeez. Look.
I'm pretty sure Grandma wants to go back and visit with her old pal, Velma.
Right, Grandma?
Boy, oh, boy, those sure do look like Scooby Snacks.
I know they're for dogs...
...but they're 100 percent vegetarian and I love them.
Me, too!
Far out. I have never met another person who loves Scooby Snacks.
Me neither.
I'm Mary Jane.
That is my favorite name.

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