Welcome to the Jungle (2007): Looking for Mickey and Bijou


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The clip looking for mickey and bijou from Welcome to the Jungle (2007)

Where's my fucking shoes? Goddamn itI
Thank God they didn't find this one.
They took the money. They took the lighter. They took the map!
That fucking gorilla ate my food!
I can't believe this shit.
I'm fucking gonna kill him!
I'm gonna kill you, Mike!
Mike, I'm comin' after you.
Jesus fucking Christ!
No. No, no.
Grab the camera. I'm makin' a raft.
Gotta get my pants!
Grab the camera! I'm makin' a raft. Get the camera.
jesus fucking-Jesus fucking Christ!
Keep checking out the banks.
They definitely came through this way.
They can't be too far ahead.
Hold on, sweetie.
Hold on!
I'm holding on.
Keep looking out. Tell me if you see anything.
They can't be far.
Is it their camp?
Now, we got Bi's used cigarettes.
We got gorilla man. Yeah, we're on the right track.
If they think they're gonna get all the money, they're wrong!
Comin' after you, Mike.
Come on. Let's go.

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