Welcome to the Jungle (2007): Following Bijou and Mickey


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The clip following bijou and mickey from Welcome to the Jungle (2007)

I didn't want to say it in front of the other kids, but-
I don't know who you were trying to impress, but-
I can deal with your mouth, and I can deal with your aggression...
but I just can't deal with your ignorance.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
See that?
Are you seeing that?
See that?
Holy shit.
What is that?
Get over here.
I fucking told you. This is what I was telling you by that riverbank.
You're such a macho aggressive fuck sometimes.
What's the fucking difference? What's this guy got, a bow and arrow?
I got a pistol. just stay-stay close to the edge.
I am. I am.
jesus, Mikey. I can't deal with being followed, being watched.
Are they aggressive?
I don't know, man. Stay down.
I don't know.
You need to be cool. Fucking don't come to me with that shit right now.
Is there, like, a peace offering we can give them?
What are you talking about?
I don't know. Are some of them friendly?
Are some of them nasty? They can't all be fucking wack.
We just left Colby and Mandi because they were being like this. Just stay chill.
Look at them. They're not even-
There's more.
They're just the people that live here. It's not a big deal.
They're armed, Mikey. They're armed.
Yeah. 'Cause they're probably hunting for food.
If anybody's gonna get killed, it's gonna be Colby and Mandi.
If they didn't like us, they would have fired by now, right?
Mikey, right?

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