Welcome to the Jungle (2007): the Boys Argue


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The clip the boys argue from Welcome to the Jungle (2007)

Ah, this one's kind of old and brown, but...
that's like the fourth one we've seen, and you know the natives are using this for transport.
I can make this shit in, like, 30 minutes.
Straight up? Bamboo?
There's heaps up there.
Let's go.
Fuck off. I'm looking at the bamboo raft...
we should be making now and floating down the river instead of walking.
Mikey, we are not building a raft. Do you guys know anything about the Takreet River?
Let's hear it, buddy.
Oh, you
I see you did your research. That's good.
You know about the crocodiles and the whirlpools...
and the waterfalls that are around every corner.
But they're uncharted, so you don't know when they're gonna come. That's the best part.
We are not building a raft. End of story. Let's fucking go.
You could start with the bamboo stick that's up his ass.
just be cool.
Okay. Hey, guys.
Um, let's just be adults about this, you know?
We all have to get along, or we're just- we're not gonna make it. All right?
Is that cool?
All right?
Okay. Let's move.
Fuck him. I'm beating his ass.

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