Welcome to the Jungle (2007): at the Beach


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The clip at the beach from Welcome to the Jungle (2007)

Here we are, another beautiful day.
As you can see, it's my matey Mandi...
and her hot-to-trot abs.
I used to have abs like that.
Then I met my friend,Jack Daniel's.
We're still good friends.
Hey, sweetie.
Yes. Mandi and I spent many nights...
waking from our drunken slumber on that grassy knoll at Bondi.
How was it?
Yeah. It was wild out there.
Here we go. We're looking at some lovely locals.
Kind ofhot if you're into that, uh, pasty adolescent thing.
Who else have we got here?
Where are these girls from? Looks like the United States of"Generica. "
Everyone's got a median average right now...
of about 2.00.
She looks like she's from the northern beaches.
Ah, the skinhead tattoo look. Always attractive on the beach.
Ah, the Pommy tan. Nice.
Ugly. No st-Ah, hang on. Wait, wait, wait.
He's a pretty kitty.
Oh. Oh.
Yep. Biggest babe meets the biggest babe.
Welcome to Fiji.
Just tell me again why you invited me here.

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