Lethal Weapon 4 (1998): Setting Up Leo


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The clip Setting up Leo from Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) with Chris Rock, Joe Pesci

-Fucking asshole! -Bite me!
Whatever! Whatever!
You looking for us?
-You saw me? -Yeah, we saw you.
What you doing, Leo?
I'm perfecting my tailing technique now that I'm a P.I.
He's a private eyesore. Inconspicuous vehicle! I like it.
Riggs, who's the perp?
-What'd you bust him for? -I'm a perp?
A brother in a police car is automatically a perp?
Look at my suit! Do I look like the Crips' accountant?
Look at this badge, bitch!
Check out the gun.
Put the gun down!
License! Registration! Urine sample!
I got a badge too!
German Jews didn't have it easy as kids!
So don't think you're the only one.
I knew you were a cop.
I was kidding. I can smell a cop a mile away.
You saying I smell bad?
Don't turn everything around! You're so touchy.
These guys'll tell you. We got a history together.
Maybe we'll work together someday!
I'm the bomb!
We'll work together when I open a cereal shop, you leprechaun!
I didn't call you names, fuckface! Don't start!
Don't fool around!
-These guys'll tell you. -You're double-parked.
Officer, I'm just talking with the detectives.
We don't know this guy.
Think he was drinking.
They're kidding. Come back!
I wasn't drinking! They just said that.
Blow your breath in my hand. I can smell it already.
Blow in my fucking ear!
You're all mine. You're mine!

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