Lethal Weapon 4 (1998): Who's This Guy?


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The clip Who's this guy? from Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

Who's he?
He looks unhappy. What's his name?
Who's this guy? Is he just appraising your furniture?
He doesn't speak English.
Then he doesn't understand words like "scumbag" . . .
. . . "eat shit"?
I think he understands good.
-Enter the drag queen. -The insurance, remember?
If you have nothing on me, get out.
We're still around.
I'm on your ass too.
But the door is this way!
This is quicker. This is quicker, really.
See? It's quicker!
Don't forget my 10% policeman's discount.
You in Hong Kong, you'd be dead.
No, not that! Riggs! Don't!
The insurance. . . . What the hell?
Hurry up!
Try it sometime. It's satisfying and therapeutic.

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