Lethal Weapon 4 (1998): Chinese People in the Kitchen


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The clip Chinese people in the kitchen from Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

Who had the sleepover?
Just airing out camping gear.
-We're out of here. -Something smells good.
Really good!
Trish has food on the stove. We're out of here.
That smells like Chinese food.
Chinese food?
She's into Chinese cooking.
I got to taste this.
-I love Chinese food. -Hold it! Please!
There's a Chinese person in the kitchen.
I saw him.
A couple of Chinese people.
Actually a whole family.
Large family.
Hey, guys!
-It does smell good. -Great!
They hid in the lifeboat.
I had to do something.
-So you brought them home. -It took two trips.
-Really? -They fit in the station wagon?
That's Ping with his grandfather, Hong.
He's head of the family. Speaks English.
Hong, this is my partner, Martin Riggs, and Lorna.
Can we speak?
Lorna, this is the best breakfast.
I'm hungry. I'd love some.

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