Lethal Weapon 4 (1998): Don't Turn Around!


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The clip Don't turn around! from Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) with Danny Glover, Mel Gibson

Riggs, you sure we're on the right street?
We must be getting warm.
-You see anything? -Where? I don't see anything.
This must be the place.
Holy shit!
What the hell is that?
Who's this joker?
I don't know. A spokesman for the NRA.
Regular asshole.
What do we do now?
Run him over.
What if he shoots us with that rifle?
-He hasn't yet. Maybe he won't. -What if he does?
Don't be a Don't-Bee. Be a Do-Bee. Be positive.
-Run him over. -Glad you see things my way.
I hope he doesn't turn.
He won't. We'll creep up on him so he won't notice.
Will him not to turn. Power of positive thinking.
Don't turn. Will him with me.
Don't turn around.
I need you. Don't turn around!
Just believe!
Don't turn around!
We're better than him.
We're better!
He's turning.

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