Lethal Weapon 4 (1998): Buying Back His Four Fathers


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The clip Buying back his Four Fathers from Lethal Weapon 4 (1998)

They killed Hong, his uncle, Uncle Benny too. Bodies are in there.
-Where's the rest of the family? -They're okay.
INS raided a Chinese sweatshop.
Hong's family was being held there and they led them back here.
They were making funny money.
Ink's still wet.
-Where are the faces? -It's why I call it funny.
Why are they making Chinese money?
Can they even exchange it here?
-Only in China. -Renminbi.
I remember.
Hong's uncle was an artist. Maybe an engraver.
Bringing over his family could've been how he was paid for the job.
-That's thin. -It's not.
Keep talking. What?
Benny said something about paying. . .
. . .buying back his forefathers.
What'd you say?
Benny said something about buying back his forefathers.
You said ancestors.
What's the difference?
The number four. Four Fathers.
They were the top guys of the Hong Kong Triad.
They disappeared from prison.
Reds jailed them when they took over Hong Kong.
I bet they're here.
Damn, we're good.
Grab Ping. I don't want him to see the bodies.
10 to 1 , I know where the money is. . .
. . .and where the Four Fathers are. Let me make a call.
Don't leave without us.
Good work! You must be a detective.
I have my moments.

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