The Fourth Kind (2009): Ashley Kidnapped


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The clip Ashley Kidnapped from The Fourth Kind (2009)

Where are they?
I don't know.
I tried to tell you... You don't know?
I want the video played back.
Sir, it didn't record.
It did, but nothing came out.
Come on! Bullshit!
Ryan, pull yourself together, man.
Calm down. Mom. What the hell happened?
They took my baby. They took her.
They took my baby. What is she talking about?
Someone kidnapped Ashley.
Okay, I want this entire house searched.
I want everybody inside, outside
going through these premises top to bottom.
Ronnie, what'd you see?
Nothing. I came in here and she was gone.
What's going on here? August, listen to me.
I'm listening.
A beam of light came down,
and they took her into the sky.
They took my little girl up into the sky. I saw it!
Through the ceiling?
August, I saw it!
Through the ceiling?
Yes. They took her through the ceiling.
What is this craziness?
What the hell is going on here?
I couldn't stop it.
Okay. Everybody clear this room!
I want everybody out of here
except Ronnie and Abbey!
Ronnie, sit down right there, please. Okay?
Abbey, you sit down. Please sit down. My baby.
Okay? Sit here. I want to talk to you, okay?
You just tell me.
Listen, less than five hours after I arrest you,
your daughter goes missing.
I told you.
Yeah, but that's horseshit.
We know that that's not real.
Tell me what happened.
You had an officer outside my house.
Yes, we had an officer outside.
What did he see? He didn't see anything.
He says that the videotape wasn't playing. Now, just tell me.
Where is she? Listen, Abbey!
What did he see?
Get him in here right now! You listen to me now.
You know what's real! I want to know what he saw.
You know what's real! You had an officer outside my house!
God damn it! Where is she?
You were supposed to protect us!
Abbey, where is she, God damn it? You tell me where she is!
Where is Ashley? Where is she?
Mom! Can't you stop?

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