The Fourth Kind (2009): The White Owl


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The clip The White Owl from The Fourth Kind (2009)

It's just there's... There's one thing.
There's an owl at my window.
An owl?
A white owl. It was just looking at me.
How long was it there?
No matter what I did, it wouldn't fly away.
It wasn't scared of me.
What was it doing?
Just staring at me.
Had you ever seen it before?
Once when I was a kid.
That was the first time?
I guess I've seen it a lot.
How much is a lot?
Every night this week.
Every night?
You mean every time you go to bed?
I think it came inside.
Was your window open?
I wonder how it got in.
I don't know, but I remember it looking down at me.
Over your bed?
Yeah, I think so. I...
It's really hard to remember.
It's almost like... Like it didn't happen.
Like, you know, in a dream.
Like I just dreamt it.

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