The Fourth Kind (2009): Credits - UFO Reports - Part 1


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The clip Credits - UFO Reports - Part 1 from The Fourth Kind (2009)

UFO Reporting Center.
Yeah, I got a doozy for you.
Gonna put me into the hospital, I tell you that.
What happened?
I'm a truck driver.
I had a load to Salt Lake City from Banning.
I pulled over, didn't... I got out of the truck, kind of stretched.
I looked up at the stars,
and I saw these two...
There were quite a few of them that were kind of low,
and they were, like, flickering.
You know, what could they be?
And then it occurred to me, maybe I'm seeing a UFO.
Portland Air Traffic Control Tower in Portland, Maine.
Yes, sir.
I guess I have a UFO report.
What they drew, and these four people pretty much agree that,
actually, what they drew, it looked like a fedora hat...
I saw something spectacular in the sky last night
that I have no explanation for.
In fact, I'm sure as many as 50 to 100 people saw it
in different areas last night.
I'm sure it had as many as 20 pulsating red lights,
one white light in the front of it.
Like I said, it was about 100 feet from me.
To me, it looked about, like, something...
Like I said, right... I remember seeing it, but after that it just...
I don't exactly remember too much.
I could see this very bright red light,
and it would change to kind of a blue light,
and the reflection off the clouds.

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