Honey (2003): Chaz and Honey Kiss


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The clip Chaz and Honey Kiss from Honey (2003)

Come on.
Mom, what happened? Another pipe burst. You can't be in here.
How long will it take to fix? Oh, who knows? Building codes, inspections.
Now the city wants to do a full assessment, see if the building's even worth reopening.
Ma, you can't let them shut you down. Honey,
your telling me what l can and cannot do is not gonna improve my mood right now.
l don't know what to do about this. lf there's a danger to the kids--
He's one of those kids, you know, trying to act all bad.
But 10 seconds into a routine, l catch a glimpse of him.
lt's like l can just see this light shining out of him.
He's a kid again. Yeah.
lt's the best feeling l know seeing that.
lt's scary though.
'Cause when l think of him hanging out with B.B., it's like l can watch that light get dimmer and dimmer.
Well, you know, when a thug joint's the hottest spot in the hood,
it's hard for a kid not to want to be down.
l know. l'm over here.
Nah, nah, nah. l wanna show you something.
All right. All right, sexy?
Stop with that.
You know, most of the kids l came up with werejust like that.
Trying to be thugged out, and wanting to fit in.
'Cause that's what everybody else was doing.
Where are they now,jail?
Most of them, or headed that way like B.B., or dead.
Listen, this is bad date talk.
We should change the subject. What's your favorite color?
How come you turned out so good?
She thinks l turned out good.
l'm serious. l don't know. l got lucky.

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