Honey (2003): Genuwine's Video


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The clip Genuwine's Video from Honey (2003)

Five, six, nice.
Okay, Ginuwine, come through.
Okay, Raymond.
Shaker boys, in front.
Come on, shake it up.
Go, shake it. Come on.
Come on. Shake it good, boys.
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Oh, oh, oh, oh!
That was great. You guys were terrific.
l'm lovin' it. Hey, hey, yo!
Good job!
That was hot. Where is he?
l don't know. Ginuwine!
We're ready for a rehearsal, sir.
lt's all set for you. Hey, Mike. Hi, how you doin'?
Hold that for a while. All right, let's see this.
Playback.! All right, guys. Just like we rehearsed.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Cut. Cut! Cut.
Go get the car or something.
Nah, it's not-- it's not working. Which part?
The whole part. The whole kid thing.
lt's horrible.
No, Michael. Don't do this.

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