Honey (2003): Honey Meets Micheal Part 2


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The clip Honey Meets Micheal Part 2 from Honey (2003)

All right. l heard that.
lt don't matter where we are. l'm not taking my clothes off.
Who said anything about taking your clothes off?
Yeah, who said anything about that?
The only one who's gonna take anything off is Jadakiss, if he's so moved.
Wait. Who did you say you were again?
My name is Michael.
Michael Ellis?
Michael.! All right, you the man,you the man.
See, l'm the man.
Yeah, you're all right.
And you are?
Honey Daniels. Nice to meet you, Honey.
Gina. lt's nice to meet you, Gina.
Look, Honey.
l want you to come down and try out for my video. Here's my card, if you're interested.
You know, give me a call. Okay, cool.
l'll give you a call.
1 0:05, that's not too early, is it? l mean, l don't wanna seem desperate.
Hey, this is Honey Daniels calling for Michael Ellis.
Honey Daniels. Sure, l can hold.
Um, yeah, he can call back.
Wait. Don't you need my number?
lt's not good when they don't ask for your number.

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