Honey (2003): Kids For Music Video


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The clip Kids For Music Video from Honey (2003)

The gods made no mistakes when they created their-- So what are they?
Fresh Air Fund kids or something?
Fresh air? Michael, this is New York.
l, uh-
l taught them at the center.
ln fact, uh,
seeing them on the set there today gave me an idea for Ginuwine's video.
What are you thinking? Okay.
New York, the hood. Ginuwine's doing his thing.
But instead of the usual hoochies, you get a posse of kids, dancers.
They bust out, all G'd up, just like Ginuwine--
same hair, same bling. Like a--
Like a hip-hop pied piper?
l like it. Really?
l'll pitch it to him. Cool, cool.
You know, if he goes for it, l'd like to audition my kids. Oh, l see.
You just wanna get those Fresh Air Fund kids into show biz.
That's not true.
Their flavor's hot. You know.
lf it gets a couple of them off the street, so much the better.
All right, guys. Let's do it one more time, but clean it up. One, two,
three, four, five and six and seven, eight.
Oh, hold on. Hold on. Look who's here.
Honey, what's up, girl?
Hey, guys. l got a surprise for you.
Which one of you can tell me who that is?
So which one of you wants to audition for his video?
What video?
Open calls are in two weeks, and l'll rehearse with anybody who's up to it.
So which one of you wants to audition for Ginuwine's video?
All right.

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