Honey (2003): Chaz Helps Honey


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The clip Chaz Helps Honey from Honey (2003)

Which one of you can tell me who that is?
So which one of you wants to audition for his video?
What video?
Open calls are in two weeks, and l'll rehearse with anybody who's up to it.
So which one of you wants to audition for Ginuwine's video?
All right.
Can l help you? You're the dance teacher, right?
l'm Otis's brother. You're the one his little man's been hanging out with, right?
You mean Benny? Yeah, Benny.
We ain't seen Benny around in a while and we miss him. He's been busy.
Check this out. He's part of my crew.
And when you're in my crew, you don't mess with other shit.
So you tell him l'm looking for him. l'm not gonna do that.
Why not?
l asked you a question!
Yo, Honey. Hey.
B.B., what's poppin'? Am l interrupting? Well, if it ain't Floyd the Barber.
How are things in that cute little barbershop of yours, B.?
You making ends meet? Oh, you know. l'm definitely doing me.
Getting this paper. Getting this paper.
Check this out. When you're tired of nickel-and-diming,just give me a holler.
l'm gonna hook you up.
Well, you ever get tired of wearin' those bum-ass do-rags, you give me a holler. l'll hook you up.
l wanna see that kid.
You okay? Yeah, l'm cool.
What was that all about? How did you get on B.B.'s bad side?

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